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To love in any way is to be like a child—it means to be vulnerable, to be wide-eyed, to be selfless. There is no such thing as free love; love is the most costly expression in the world. To love romantically is to give of oneself fully and completely, a merging and meshing of souls so that the twain become a unity. It is to allow the sense of wonder to fully enrapture. (Ted Dekker - The Blood Book: Tales, Confessions and Rumors of the Worlds)

Missing Her

It’s only been hours but feels like an eternity. We kissed then she departed; out of sight but certainly not out of mind. The scent of her perfume still lingers. The look in her eyes as she smiles then turns still replays in my mind. I know its only a couple of days, but even now, only hours later, my entire being longs for her presence. To hear her voice; the way she says my name. The way our eyes meet.

Her lips… To feel them yet again against mine would send waves of pure emotions through my soul. I pucker at the thought, wishing she would appear before me. But she does not. My heart sinks at her absence. My mind grasps at the most recent of memories to curb the loneliness that sets in. The knowing that tonight I sleep alone, with only the presence of a pillow to cuddle and keep me warm. Oh, how she warms me. Not in just a way that spikes my blood pressure, but in a way that memories are made and experiences told. A warmth that calls to me throughout the day, and beckons me at night. A wooing that wraps me in its arms and pulls me tight, never to loosen its grip. An embrace that stirs my courage, and calms my fears. A touch of love. Not a love that touches only the mind and the emotions of the soul, but a love that reaches deep into the very heart of all that I am.

I’m undone… Undone without her. Unraveling with each passing hour she’s gone. My heart quickens at the thought of her return, then shatters at the realization that her arrival is days away. Oh, to speak to her face to face. To gaze on her ever increasing beauty that continually captivates my heart. To dive deep into her eyes. Pools of emerald green, glistening with life and sparkling with love. Love can speak only once, yet live forever. Where spoken words struggle to form, the written word flows free. When the words spoken take flight, only to be forgotten in time, the words written are memorialized, to be relived for ages to come. In my desperation for her, these are such words.  Live Loved!!